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3 My aim in life essay in English

My aim in life essay
My aim in life essay

My aim in life essay in English : There is a common sang, “A man without an aim in life is. like a ship or a boat without a rudder. A ship or a boat without a rudder surely meets an accident. Similarly, an aimless life surely faces danger or an accident. He can’t reach his desired goal of life. Our life is short but art is long. He has a lot of duties to the family, to the society, to the country, to the countrymen and to the animals. So, a man can’t finish duties and responsibilities without a definite aim.

My aim : Different persons have different aims in life. Somebody desires/wants power, somebody desires riches, somebody wants high position in the society, somebody wants name and fame, somebody desires honour and dignity, and somebody desires to be the high personnel in society. But my aim in life is to be an ideal teacher.

Reasons of my choice : Teaching is a noble profession of all. An ideal teacher leads an honest and sincere life. He is honoured and loved everywhere. Another principal reason behind my choice is to serve my poor villagers. I would like to spread education among the people of the illiterate society. Education is compared to light. So it removes (roots out) the darkness of ignorance form the society. An illiterate person is not better than a beast. He is unable to differentiate between right and wrong. So, an illiterate society is deaf, dumb and blind. All these reasons, I have made up my mind to be a good teacher.

Preparation : Now I am a student of class xii of an ideal college of our Upazila. After passing the H.S.C Examination I shall get myself admitted into a famous university. I shall complete the B-Ed and the MEd courses. After completing degrees and necessary courses, I will join in our village high school. It is true that there is a few good teachers in remote areas. Our village students don’t get standard and proper education for want of qualified teachers. As a result, the people of our rural areas lag behind in the field of education. I want to eradicate the curse of the darkness of ignorant from my locality. I do believe that my noble and honest labour will bring me dignity in society. Man is mortal but he can be immortal on earth through his noble works and noble dedication.

Conclusion : Success of life largely depends on the right and proper aim in life. the service of mankind should be only the aim of life. Every religion says, “To Serve man is to serve God.” Islam says„” Allah loves him best who loves ‘His” creatures , big or small.” May Allah/God give me the opportunity to serve my country and countryman.

My aim in life / choice of career essay 2 :

My Aim in life or Choice of a career essay: Human life is like a journey to reach the destination. In the journey of our life we should have an aim. A man cannot succeed without any fixed aim. An aimless life is like a boat without rudder. But the choice of career is a very difficult problem. Success in life largely depends on the right choice of profession. So every man should be conscious in the matter.

Different careers : Different men have different careers. Every body should fix his career according to his personal taste. So, every body should cherish an aim in life and should achieve it. Man runs his whole life on his career. So, a man should take the line according to his interest. Otherwise, he will not be able to become happy and clean.

Influence of parents in the choice : Parents can influence their children in the choice of career. The choice of man’s career should be made at the proper time. So, parents and teachers help him in choosing the right profession. But in doing so, they must not impose their own desire upon him. My father influences me to choose my career. He Wants me that I should take teaching profession. He honours this profession. Now, though he is a farmer, he wanted to be a college teacher. But he is not able to fulfill his desire. I have heard many stories about professors from him. I know he has a dreamy inclination to this profession. So, I have been formed to my father’s choice.

My aim : My aim in life is to be a college teacher. I do not hanker after money; name, fame and glory. I am interested to lead a simple, plain, and high thinking life. I have come from middle class family. I have a trend to lead a leisure. I think, only this profession has a lot of leisure time to do something creative. A man cannot be full without book. The deep connection with books is the main plus point to select this honourable profession.

Guardian of the civilization : A teacher is a guardian of the civilization. He is a builder of good citizens. A teacher plays an important role in the society. He makes the people conscious about their nationality. He is the match maker between the young and the old. He tenders the young society and makes them fit to the modern world. A teacher is always out of the communial feelings and superstitions. He is a rolling stone which gathers no moss. A teacher treats man in the eye of humanity. He comes out through the religious boundary. He always prefers man and education. He firmly believes without education a man’s life is incomplete. He has a, large scope to do some thing for the nation.

Honourable profession : This is an honourable profession In the eye of common people. They think that a teacher can lead a pure life out of the corruption. As a professor I shall be able to pass, a free life and serve the nation by removing the curse of ignorence. This profession is favaurable to nurse the democracy. He can contribute to build the nation guiding the people out of- domestic feelings.

Conclusion : Success depends mainly upon the right choice of a profession. it leads a man in a right path. So my aim is social service and making me happy. Through this profession I can send the modern and humanitic message to the new generation. Besides, only through this profession i can accompany with the young men and women.

My aim in life essay 3 :

An aimless life no life at all. It is just like a ship without a rudder. without aim no man can reach the destination in life. As I am a student, I have an My aim is to be a doctor.

How to achieve my aim: As now I am a student of H.S.C, I need to make a very good result scoring at least G.P.A-5 in the H.S.c! exam. i am trying my best to achieve this goal in H.s.c exam. In S.S.c I have already scored G.P.A-5 marks. So after the final results of H.s.c examination are published I will get myself admitted into Dhaka Medical college.

Next course of life : After completing my courses there in Medical college I will go for research and higher degrees from abroad. Then I will come back to my country where I will run a hospital only for the needy to mete out proper treatment free of cost.

why should I be a doctor ? : When I was a student of class III, I lost my mother who died of cancer suffering miserably for the want of a good specialized doctor. This memory still rankles in my heart. Since then it has been my cherished dream of being a doctor specializing in oncology so that the people of my country may have the proper treatment of cancer. Moreover, profession of a doctor is one of the noblest professions I have ever known. A doctor can serve the suffering humanity the best way because to a dying patient a doctor is the only resort next to Allah. Serving humanity is in fact serving Allah. So an honest and sincere doctor is greatly loved by the suffering humanity as well as the Almighty.

Conclusion : In order to achieve this goal of my life I am making the best use of every moment of my life. On the other hand, I pray to the Almighty by Whose mercy .I will be able to continue my efforts towards achieving the sole aim of my life. I very often imagine myself in a position from where I can watch the patients gradually recovering and going back home smiling. I always remember that he who serves man serves the Creator.

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