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My College Paragraph for Hsc students

my college paragraph for hsc
My college paragraph for hsc

My college paragraph: I read in Govt. Edward College, Pabna . It is one of the best colleges in Bangladesh. it is an old and reputed College. it is a full-fledged degree College. in seven subjects honours courses are also taught here. The college stands by the side of the road. The College Is housed In six pucca buildings. There are four thousand students In our College. There are one hundred professors in our college. All of them are experienced and competent professors.

There is a big compound in-front of the College. There are four hostels for the students. It has a rich library. We can borrow books from he library. There are facilities for cultural activities in our College besides education. The results of the public examination have always been satisfactory. Many students of this College are coming out every year to serve the nation in different capacities. I feel proud to be a student of this college.

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