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ssc english 1st paper suggestion 2020

English 1st paper suggestion for ssc exam 2020
English 1st paper suggestion for ssc exam 2020

ssc english 1st paper suggestion 2020 : ssc exam 2020 is starting few month later . as a candidate of ssc exam 2020 you need a proper suggestion to do well in the ssc exam. you will find many suggestions for english in internet. but they are not accurate for the candidates . so writings bd team made an proper english 1st paper suggestion for all board ssc candidates .

This year english 1st paper question will be divides in two parts . They are Reading (50 mark ) and writing (50 mark) . we made this suggestion with the new mark distribution system. lets discus and share important topics for english first paper.

Seen passage 01: (For Question No-1,2, 3)
1- Heritage is what was inheritenth .
2- Human can neither change
3-The Maldives is famous as a tourist destination.
4-May Day or International workers day.
5- 26 the March, our Independence day .
6-The advantages of the Internet Technology
7- The Internet Technology has helpful
8-Zahir Raihan was one of the most talented.
9-Meharjan lives in a slum.
10-Countries of the world relay heavily
11-Mother Teresa was moved
12-21 February is a memorable day…
13-Michael Madhusudan Dutt…
14- The pioneer of Bangladesh
15-It was the late summer…
16-Everyone must play a part in protecting
17-A responsibility is a duty or an obligation to do
18-Today there are many jobs
19-Yoga is a kind of pastime

Unseen Passage: Information Transfer and summery :(For Question No-4,5) :

Dear students for scoring good number in Information Transfer and summery you need to read All Board ssc question of-2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 with the following list: Stephen Hawking , Munshi Abur Rouf, Charles Babbage , Louis Pasteur, Nelson Mandela , Joynul Abedin , P.B  Shelly , Yuri Gagrin was a Russian , SAARC, Mother Teresa, Neil A Armstrong , Jibonanda Das, The Eiffel Tower, Begum Rokeya, Altaf Mahmud , Alexander Fleming , John Milton .

For English 1st paper Question No-6: Matching

***A Freedom Fighter***Women in rural Bangladesh
***Globalization ***Unemployment problem
**Frustration**National Flag upholds our
***Digital means using a system**Internet is the
***Friendship is one of the***An Ideal Student is the
***A Teacher plays a***Drug Addiction
**English is widely used***Hospitality
**Democracy ***An educated mother
***Donation of Blood ***There are many sea beach
***Truthfulness is the**The Role of women in nation
**Email has brought about***Rohingya crisis

For Question No-7: Rearrange Sentence

  • For rearrange sentence you need to Follow previous year ssc question (All Board-2015,2016.2017 & 2018) .
  • The astrologer and the king
  • The Ancient Mariner
  • William Somerset Maugham
  • Socrates
  • Androcless
  • The Queen of Sheba
  • Alfred Nobel
  • Honesty is the best Policy
  • Napolean 
  • Abraham Lickon 
  • Robert Bruce
  • A bad man and Mango owner
  • A doctor and a fatty man
  • Joynul Abedin
  • King Lear and his daughter
  • A rich man and a cobbler/ poor farmer
  • Rabindranath
  • Alexander Fleming

For Question No-8: Paragraph for English First paper

1- Tree Plantation 7- A Street Hawker/A farmer
2- Environment Pollution/Water Pollution 8- Tea Stall
3- A School Library 9- Mobile Phone
4- A School Magazine 10- A Rainy Day
5- A Book Fair 11- Climate Change/Global Warming
6- A Winter Morning 12-A Street Accident

You can also follow this suggestion important paragraph for ssc 2020 for avoiding risks.

Completing Story : For Question No-9

  1. Robert Bruce,king of Scotland
  2. Sheikh Saadi
  3. The foolish crow and clever fox
  4. A hare and a tortoise
  5. A Thirsty crow
  6. An honest wood cutter
  7. The lion and the mouse
  8. The Ready wit of a boy
  9. Unity is strength
  10. Two rats and the Monkey
  11. Who is to bell the cat?
  12. A friend in need is a Friend indeed
  13. The wisdom of king Solomon
  14. A cobbler and a banker
  15. A poor girl and the house mistress
  16. An astrologer and a king
  17. Bayzid
  18. King Midas
  19. A Fox without a tail
  20. An honest Rickshaw Puller
  21. The Grocer and the fruit seller
  22. Grapes are sour

For Question No-10 : Graph and  Chart

***Choice of profession bydifferent educated people***Time allocation of students’ daily activities
***Literacy rate of a country***Benefits of girl’s education
***Number of people living below the poverty line***Selling rates of five kinds of books in Ekushey Boi Mela
***Population growth rate in Bangladesh***A family’s household income in different way

For Question No-11 : Informal letter/Email:

for informal letter or email you can follow these. we carefully made this suggestion for all board.

***preparation for the SSC examination***to be regular in studies
***thanking for nice gift/her hospitality***describing co curricular activities
***intending to do after SSC exam***congratulation for brilliant success
***a place of historical interest***Importance of reading newspaper
***How to improve English***About Bangladesh and her people/country
***Food and food habits of Bangladesh***Your aim in life
***How you have enjoyed the picnic***Importance of physical Exercise
***Condolence  of father/mother’s death *** Benefits of learning computer

For Question No-12 : Writing a dialogue

***Road accidents***Improve skill in English
***Importance of reading newspaper***Uses and abuses of Internet
***Necessity of Tree Plantation***Preparation for SSC Examination
***The eradication of illiteracy***Good and bad sides of Face book
***Importance of Physical exercise/Early Rising***Merits and demerits of Village and city life
***Importance of games and sports
The way to open a bank account

Describing the annual prize giving cermony
You and Headmaster about making garden.

For Question No-12 : Writing a dialogue : For Avoiding risk:

**Bad effect of smoking/drug addiction/copying in the exam**You and your doctor about your physical problem
**Importance of Education**Good effect of  Morning walk
**borrowing a book from the library** setting up a computer club
**On proper use of time**Your visit to some interesting places

we hope it will help students of ssc examines of 2020 . before making this suggestion we tried to research previous year questions of ssc .

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