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Top 10 companies of India

Top 10 companies of India
Top 10 companies of India

Top 10 Companies Of India : India is a country of a diverse economy. Being one of the most influencing economies, India is utilizing its huge population in every work sector to increase GDP. As a result, India’s economy has become the fasting growing major economy in the world, while China held that position until 2014. This rapid growth in the overall economy led them to become the 5th largest GDP as of 2019 surpassing financial giants like the UK & France. Naturally, this economic position didn’t come in a day. Having over 1.3 billion population, India focused on converting its population to manpower instead of being a burden to the country. Cheap labor and enormous natural resources were the keys to India’s current economic position.

The main reason behind being the fastest growing economy in the world was the growing number of industrial, agricultural and service companies in India. As previously said, India could successfully utilize the scope of cheap labor & natural resources, so the number of such companies kept increasing. Besides, various diversity of their companies not only fulfilled their internal multipurpose demand but also achieved a huge exports figure being one of the largest exporting countries in the world. As of 2019, India has over 1.9 million registered companies in various sectors like textiles, chemicals, steel, cement, software, mining, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, transportation, processed food, garments, etc. Among them, there are quite a great number of companies that become the largest companies in India as well as in the world. These companies played a vital role in India’s today’s economic position, not only by increasing national properties but also providing earning source for millions of people. Here’s a list of top 10 largest companies in India according to Forbes Global 2000, which ranks the world’s top 2000 publicly traded companies considering a multitude of factors that includes total revenue, net profit, total assets and lastly, market value:

1. Reliance Industries Limited

Reliance brought about a revolutionary change in the business sector in India. They involved their business in diverse sectors like energy, petrochemicals, natural resources, telecommunications, textiles, retails, etc. Being one of the most profitable companies in India, Reliance focuses on spreading their business in their country as well as all over the world. Owned by Mukesh Ambani, over 29000 permanent employees and 160000 temporary employees work for this company. Reliance concentrates on market capitalization which helped them to reach over 90 billion US$ revenue and over 140 billion US$ total assets. This company is a true example of success in every terms.

2. HDFC Bank

HDFC Bank Limited is another top Indian private company providing banking and financial services. In spite of being confined service only in India, the HDFC Bank set an example of commercial success by having a total asset of over 170 billion US$ and a revenue of about 17 billion US$. Over 100 thousand employees are working permanently for this bank, hence they play a vital role in the Indian job industry. So HDFC Bank is a true inspiration to other banking and finance companies.

3. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation is the topmost profitable company which is owned by the Indian government. This company is controlled by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas. This company works on oil and gas exploration and commercial supply of petroleum, natural gas, petrochemicals, and lubricants. This company has over 33,000 employees with a total asset of US$ 32 billion. Despite being a government-acquired company, this company is quite profitable with an excellent total revenue of US$ 17 billion and a net income of US$ 3.9 billion in 2019.

4. Indian Oil Corporation

Indian Oil Corporation or IndianOil is another Indian state government-owned petroleum company. Petroleum, natural gas, and petrochemicals are the main trade products of this company. Being the largest commercial oil company in India, the IndiaOil has an enormous revenue of US$ 88 billion and a total assets of about 48 billion US$. This company has over 33500 employees for overall services.


Just like the HDFC Bank, the Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (abv. HDFC) is another successful venture providing financial services. It is the largest provider of finance in India for housing, life & general insurance, asset management, deposits and education loans. Having total revenue of US$ 14 billion and total assets of over 95 billion US$, this company is another example of success with only 3000 employees.

6. Tata Consultancy Services

In this era of information, software and IT companies have undergone a massive revolution in extent and application. It is also an important sector for India for numerous companies which already achieved international recognition. Tata Consultancy Services Limited is also one of them. Being a subsidiary concern of Tata group, this company has already risen to the peak of success. Over 20 billion US$ revenue and total assets of 16.6 US$ made it to the elite club of Indian companies. Currently, about 430,000 people are working for this company.

7. ICICI Bank

Being the second-largest bank in India, it also offers banking and financial services like the HDFC bank and HDFC. It is a private bank which not only gives service to India but also in 17 countries in the world. As of 2019, the ICICI bank has achieved over 11 billion US dollars revenue and about 130 billion US dollars total assets. Over 85,000 employees work for this bank in their 4867 branches across India.

8. Larsen & Toubro

Founded by two Dutch refugees in India, this company has reached to be a top company which focuses on multiple sectors like heavy equipment, electrical equipment, power generation, infrastructure, construction, IT services, finance, shipbuilding, real estate, and even defense. A total number of 44,500 employees work for this company as well as its 93 subsidiary companies.

9. State Bank of India

State Bank of India is another government-owned banking & financial services providing company in India that became one of the top Indian companies. It is also the largest bank in India having almost 23% market share in assets with one-fourth share of the total loan and deposited market. In spite of having over US$ 530 billion total assets and a revenue of 40 billion US dollars, this company is currently at a loss of almost 1 billion dollars per year. However, over 257,000 employees work in this bank as of 2019, making it one of the major sources of employment in India.

10. NTPC Limited

The last in this list, the NTPC Limited is also a government-administered company which focuses on the electric utility services. NTPC stands for National Thermal Power Corporation, which was founded in 1975. It is also a successful company having over 13 billion US dollars net revenue as of 2019. Over 18,000 employees work for this company.

These companies are the result of hard work and passion by the owners and employees.So, these companies are not only an inspiration for many new start-ups out there, but also a great asset of India for making their country economically more solvent than ever.

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